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    Position Description

    Cement finishers are responsible for placement and surface preparation of concrete in conformance with the project requirements.

    Essential Duties

    • Positioning themselves on the concrete forms and moving the pump hose or concrete bucket into place for the pouring of the concrete.
    • Levelling the top surface of freshly poured concrete on floors, walls, ceilings or sidewalks. Responsible for finishing the concrete surface to meet the tolerances for thickness and flatness before the concrete has cured. Initially, the concrete finisher must strike the concrete with a screed to create a level, smooth surface.
    • Applying a bull float to the concrete to further smooth the surface and bring the moisture to the top of the concrete area. The float is operated by a concrete finisher applying pressure to the float as it is moved back and forth over the concrete.
    • Applying hardening and sealing compounds to cure the surface of concrete. This includes waterproofing, damp-proofing, and restoring concrete surfaces.
    • Installing anchor bolts, steel plates and other fixtures in freshly poured concrete.
    • Operating a trowel to finish the surface when the concrete has reached a semi-cured status. Moving the machine over the concrete surface to level the concrete and develop the desired finish. Following up with the finish trowel using the steel trowel. Often, after the mechanical trowel has been used, the final troweling is performed by the concrete finisher using a 14-inch steel trowel.
    • Promoting a safe work environment and communicating jobsite hazards. Responsible for ensuring that all materials are properly distributed, and the site is swept and well maintained.
    • Helping to secure the jobsite at the end of business each day and verifying that all site materials are properly stored.

    Position Qualifications

    • High School Diploma or GED.
    • Valid Driver’s License, required.
    • Follow safe work practices in accordance with the Hensel Phelps safety and health program.
    • Must be able to take initiative and ask questions.
    • Possess a keen attention to detail and be able to follow instructions.
    • Workers must provide their own safety footwear.
    • Must be able to communicate effectively and professionally with co-workers and stakeholders.
    • Strong mathematical reasoning and quantitative skills.
    • Must be reliable and punctual. This includes having reliable transportation and consistent work attendance.

    Preferred Qualifications

    • Experienced in construction layout, blueprint reading and shop drawing reading.
    • OSHA 10 Certification.
    • CPR & First Aid Certification.


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