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  • At Hensel Phelps, construction is our business. With world-class leadership and a well-honed approach developed over more than three quarters of a century, we employ expertise, experience, and ingenuity to build landmark properties - and build lasting relationships with our clients. We approach every project “The Hensel Phelps Way,” inspiring trust and delivering excellence in all we do. Our comprehensive construction services - from preconstruction through constructability and field management - deliver superior results on time and on budget. Hensel Phelps’ Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) technology enhances our ability to deliver projects faster, more cost effectively and with a greater level of quality. The Hensel Phelps Way is built on four pillars: People, Process, Partnership and Technology.


    Position Description

    The project manager (PM) is the Company’s “management representative” and is responsible for the safe completion of his/her projects within budget, on schedule, to the company’s quality standards, and to the customer’s satisfaction. It is his or her responsibility to initiate required action to achieve these objectives and to ensure all project activities are consistent with contract documents and the Company’s policies. The PM’s duties will vary as required to support the project team.

    The PM and superintendent will work as a complementary team where the sum of their efforts is greater than their individual efforts. The PM’s first responsibility is to support the effectiveness of the superintendent and the project staff. Generally, the PM will concentrate on long-term planning, scheduling, and the identification and resolution of possible “roadblocks” and “pitfalls” which could have an impact on the project. The PM is also responsible for ensuring that all logistical support is completed in a timely manner so that the superintendent can concentrate on the daily and weekly direction of the Company’s resources and coordination of subcontractors.

    Essential Duties

    • Safety – The primary responsibility for job safety rests with the superintendent, but it is the project manager’s responsibility to ensure safety is properly incorporated into job planning and execution; promote accountability among staff members and subcontractors as it relates to the project safety policies and enforce these policies by actively participating in all safety-related functions.
    • Pre-job Planning and Mobilization.
    • Purchasing Responsibility – Most major purchasing is accomplished by the Estimating Department, but the ultimate total project contracting responsibility rests with the project manager. The three most important points in good subcontract writing are (1) Scope; (2) Scope; and (3) Scope.
    • Scheduling
    • Customer/Owner Relations – Regularly visit with the customer and Architect/Engineer and probe for problems which may not be obvious to jobsite personnel. Maintain open communications.
    • Submittals – Ensure project and office engineers have the knowledge, ability and workload to properly review and process submittals in a timely manner. This includes having a Submittal Transmittal and Delivery Log to accurately track the submittals.
    • Expediting of vendors and subcontractors.
    • Progress Payments from Owner and to Subcontractors.
    • Change Orders and Change Estimates.
    • Cost Reports – Weekly and monthly review (study) of job cost reports and preparation of monthly analysis.
    • Carefully analyze cost and schedule problems and initiate alternatives which will cause a course correction.
    • Quality Control and Commissioning – Ensure the Quality Control Plan is set up for the project; set the tone for enforcing the quality standards for the project by attending and participating in the buyout and pre-mobilization meetings; and be alert to a deviation from our quality standards and ensure proper corrective action is initiated. Also implement the Commissioning Manual to ensure a properly function building.
    • Personnel evaluation, development, and retention.
    • Recruiting of salaried personnel.
    • Ensure the Book of 14 is continuously updated and reviewed by the project team.
    • Each month the list of subcontractors on each project should be reviewed and any unusual (good or bad) situations developing with a subcontractor should be reported to the operations manager. Such items as performance, information regarding financial stability, and problems on other Company projects should be considered. This information is generally recorded in the Book of 14 and on the Margin Analysis.
    • Working knowledge of how the VDC Scope of Work, VDC Execution Plan, and VDC deliverables align to the overall project planning strategies (i.e., procurement, schedule, manpower, cost/budget, risk, Trade capabilities, Trade buy-out, FM/Operational data requirements, and contractual obligations). Ability to review and navigate within the current 3D Model viewing software and collaborate with the VDC team.

    Position Qualifications

    • Strong communication skills
    • Computer software – Microsoft Office Suite, specifically Excel based templates, Prolog, Primavera and AutoDesk Suite
    • Minimum of 5-10 years’ experience on large commercial construction projects


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