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Build California is a statewide initiative that unites industry, educators and communities in a shared mission to change perceptions about careers in the construction industry and strengthen the talent pipeline. Through partnerships with educators, Build California seeks to amplify our message about construction careers to audiences across the Golden State.

Through Build California’s Educator Portal, we aim to deploy our message and resources to educators across all parts of the state. As part of our collaborative outreach efforts, educators have exclusive, FREE access to classroom resources highlighting construction careers including:

  • In-Class Presentations: These interactive slideshow presentations are designed to equip you with the talking points to portray construction careers in ways that are accurate and engaging for youth.
  • Educational Resources: Engaging career profiles and videos to use in the classroom, at an assembly, or a PTA night.
  • Print-Ready Material: Career Cards, Career Maps, Trade Handbooks, and more. These resources are designed as takeaways for students, parents, or counselors, and provide a snapshot of the opportunity available through careers in construction
  • Field Trips & Job Visits: Educators with accounts on Build California’s Educator Portal can request event activations, including career fair booths, guest speakers, and field trips.

This is a glimpse into Build California’s ongoing partnership efforts and opportunities available to educators to collaborate with Build California to inspire the next generation of construction professionals. Together, we can build California’s future.

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