Ventura County Plumbing & Pipefitting J.A.C. Local 484

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The United Association Local 484 of Plumbers, Pipefitters, Welders and Apprentices was chartered on September 19th, 1925 and has for 90 plus years provided Ventura County and surrounding sister U.A. Locals with quality pipe trade workers

Our Apprentices attend a 5-year certified and accredited program registered with the State of California which is taught by Local 484 Journeyman instructors with many years of experience and training from the U.A.’s Instructor Training program. The Apprentices are required to have 7500 field hours worked and over 1000 hours of classroom time before they graduate to Journeyman status. ​ Local 484 Journeymen have access to continuing education and training to keep their occupational licensing and certifications up to date and to stay ahead of new technologies, trends and code changes. This training, knowledge and experience makes our members expertly qualified for any project.


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1955 N. Ventura Ave.
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