Meet the Women Who Build California

Whether it’s running a company, managing a job site, or cutting metal,
women can do it all! 💪


“Women bring a unique capability and skillset that our industry needs.”
-Diana Kimble, CEO of Royal Electric Co.


Build California connected with eight #WomenInConstruction who shared their struggles, pivots, triumphs, and pride about how construction has helped them create a life they love. These mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and professionals dedicate themselves to building up their families, communities, and legacies.


Take Nicole Muller, a sheet metal worker with ACCO Engineered Systems and single mother raising two daughters. Every day, she comes home from work and shares stories, techniques, and tools from the metal shop with her children in hopes of inspiring them to join her in construction one day.


Woman using power tools for cutting metal.


With a lineup of women laborers, sheet metal workers, project engineers, project managers, and a CEO – these videos provide a look into the realities of a career in construction. From empathy to problem-solving, women bring countless unique skills and talents to the job site.

“This is everyone’s work. If you want to do it and put your head into it, you’re going to succeed.”

-Angelica Garcia, Laborer with Teichert Construction

There is a place for everyone in this industry. Head to our Careers page to learn more about specific roles and opportunities that fit your interests.



Build California is a proud 2020 – 2021 SMUD Shine grant award recipient.
Thank you, SMUD, for helping us to tell these stories.



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