5 Tips for Maintaining Your Social Wellness, On the Construction Job Site and Off

Are you maintaining your social wellness? It may be more important than you think!


Social wellness “can be defined as one’s ability to effectively interact with those around him/herself and to create a support system that includes friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc.”


Also known as your well-being, social wellness helps you maintain healthy relationships with others, creating support systems and a sense of belonging that can be critical to your overall health.


We know just how important this is in the construction industry. Sure, we take a lot of pride in the hard work we put in on the job site each day, but we also know that we can’t do our best work if we’re not taking care of ourselves.


We also take pride in the fact that we’re not just coworkers, but we’re a construction family — we want to see each other succeed!


For Social Wellness Month, check out these 5 easy tips for maintaining social wellness, and see how you can implement them in your daily life.



#1 Show Your Support


Part of nurturing healthy relationships is taking care of each other. We all need people to lean on and working together is the name of the game in construction!


Lending your support to others is a critical part of forming healthy relationships. Fostering relationships with others doesn’t just make them feel good, but creating this support system can positively affect your own long-term health. Studies show that healthy relationships can improve your ability to handle stress, fight illnesses, and even live longer!


Check-in with your teammates, employees, or students to let them know you have their back.


Give your coworker a shoutout for doing a great job on their latest project. Encourage the apprentice to keep working hard toward their goals. Tell your employees that you appreciate their hard work and dedication.


It’s that simple!



#2 Do What You Love


“All work and no play” isn’t the flex you think it is. You’re at your best when you can find a healthy balance between both. Luckily, the construction industry is suited to give employees a great work-life balance!


Once you hang up your hard hat for the day, your free time is all yours. Enjoy your time off the clock doing the things you love, or try something new!


Taking part in hobbies or other activities you enjoy is good for your emotional well-being, and, bonus, you might even expand your social network of like-minded people in the process.


Work hard, play hard — you can really have it all.



#3 Find Support to Resolve Conflicts


Conflict happens now and then, which might feel like a threat to your ability to support each other. You’re never alone, though!


Your company’s Human Resources department is there in times like these. If you don’t feel equipped to handle a conflict with a fellow worker, or if you have an issue with your employer, the HR manager can help you find a solution in confidence.


Shifting your focus away from the conflict with the individual and relying on the resources available to you can save you stress and more efficiently create an action plan for moving forward. Put your trust in your team to get through it together.



#4 Take Care of Your Body


Taking care of your physical health can look like many things. It may be going for a walk with your loved ones after dinner, hitting the gym for some weightlifting, or swimming laps in the pool. These are all great ways to keep active and promote better health.


Yet, another critical aspect of physical health is knowing when to rest. Life in the trades often requires physical labor, so it’s especially important that we don’t push it too hard.


Avoid strain and fatigue by maintaining healthy and safe practices on the job. Take stock of how your body feels after certain activities and take care to perform physical tasks carefully.



#5 Ask Yourself How You’re Doing


Perhaps the simplest way to promote your own social wellness is to ask yourself: How am I feeling? This is a good check-in, both emotionally and physically, to ensure you’re receiving the support you need to be your best self — at work and at home!



Ask for help when you need it. Lean on your support system and don’t be afraid to take a helping hand when things get tough.


Maintaining your social wellness is just one way we’re able to #BuildCalifornia together each day.



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