Build California e-cademy is Here! 5 Must-Knows About Our Online Construction Learning Platform

We’ve been building something exciting, and we’re so ready to show you!


Drum roll, please… Now announcing the Build California e-cademy, an e-learning platform to prepare you for a career in the construction industry through a series of classes, courses, and camps — even before an apprenticeship.


Now’s your chance to explore our industry and experience the trades from a new perspective. But before you dive into your construction education experience, here are 5 quick facts to know about our e-cademy.


1. It’s all on your time.


We get it — between school, work, and more, life can get pretty busy. Luckily, Build California e-cademy was designed with your busy schedule in mind!


Get started on your path toward the trades on your schedule, at your individual pace. Classes and courses are self-guided, on-demand, and completely virtual. With our convenient online learning platform, we’re bringing the industry to YOU, so you can fit construction education in when it works for you.


2. Take as many classes as you’d like, all for free.


Build California e-cademy classes are interactive, dynamic, and immersive, so you’ll likely want to take quite a few. With offerings covering virtual reality in construction, robotics, drones, and so much more, how do you choose which to take?


Good news: The sky is the limit when it comes to which classes you can enroll in. Even better? They’re ALL free. Where else can you get a foot up in the trades with unlimited courses at no cost to you?


3. Get construction-ready certified.


Explore as many classes as you would like, but there’s even more you can do to prep for your career. Want to take your learning to the next step? Our Construction-Ready Certificate — comprised of four one- hour courses — will introduce you to our industry, help you find the trade for you, explore the apprenticeship process, and ultimately leave you jobsite ready with the certificate to prove it.


The certification will be recognized by apprenticeships and employers across the state as evidence that you have a foundation of knowledge to succeed in construction. This is just one of many certificate offerings to come in the e-cademy!


4. Gain insight from construction professionals and mentors.


If you’re looking for construction experts, we’ve got them. Thanks to our network of industry professionals across the state, the Build California e-cademy will be led by actual people in construction who seriously know their stuff!


Not only will you learn from the experts, but you’ll be able to form lasting relationships with them as mentors in the trades. Any student who completes a certificate course is eligible for follow-up counseling and mentorship from Build California staff members and ambassadors.


5. Connect to jobs and apprenticeships.


Participating in the e-cademy is a sure way to get a foot in the door to a career in construction. Armed with a base level of construction knowledge and the guidance of industry professionals, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to both pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship opportunities, with or without a college degree.


What are you waiting for? Your personal construction education experience is waiting for you. Sign-up today!



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