Earn While You Learn: Here’s the 411 on Construction Apprenticeships

So, you know that the construction industry has some serious perks. But, how do you get started? One great way is an apprenticeship!
Apprenticeships have been around for centuries. You won’t be limited to just sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher for hours- with apprenticeship training, you’ll get out into the field and learn by “doing.” You’ll get hands-on with your chosen craft or trade from someone who is already a master, with the insight to help you succeed.


An apprenticeship is your way into the trades, and we can help you get started! Read on to learn why you should pursue an apprenticeship in construction.


What Is a Construction Apprenticeship?


In the construction industry, apprenticeships involve a mix of in-classroom and in-field training for your trade. With the guidance of experienced professionals, you’ll move through the levels of training until you eventually become an experienced worker, or a journeyperson.


Most apprenticeship programs last for about four years and require you to be at least 18 years old and hold a high school diploma or GED equivalent, however each program will have its own criteria, so pay close attention to program requirements.


When you begin an apprenticeship, you’ll likely do it through a building trades union or individual construction association/company. All apprenticeship programs have training centers specifically for their trade, much like a community college campus/classroom environment. Some building trades apprenticeship programs are affiliated with community colleges and provide college credit for the classroom instruction.


Those are the basics, but let’s get to the perks.


The Benefits of an Apprenticeship


1. Hands-On Experience


Most of your training is done in the field, with only about 20% done in a classroom. This makes doing an apprenticeship a much better option for people who like to learn by doing as opposed to sitting in a classroom and watching lectures and reading textbooks.


For most apprenticeships, you’ll do the on-the-job training (OJT) during the day and then the classroom component may take place in the evenings, on weekends, or in block segments every few months. This makes apprenticeships a flexible learning option for many people.


2. Earn While You Learn


For most people, the main benefit of doing an apprenticeship is that you get to earn money while training. With the high rates of crippling student debt that most students rack up to go to college, the option to earn while you learn is a game changer.


Statistically, the average apprentice makes anywhere from $17 – $24 an hour.


Typically, you’ll receive regular wages, and many companies offer health benefits and retirement. Most apprentices will also be offered full-time jobs at the end of their apprenticeship program.


3. Learn In-Demand Skills


The California construction industry needs skilled trades workers, and you’ll have just the skills needed for those jobs! With in-demand skills under your belt, you’ll have plenty of job availability and opportunity for growth in your career.


Apprenticeship programs are either recognized by state or federal government agencies like the U.S Department of Labor or are what is known as industry-recognized apprenticeship programs (IRAP). Either way, you’ll receive a qualification that will set you up for life!
An apprenticeship is one of the most engaging and versatile forms of education available. If you love the best of both worlds, classroom and hand-on learning, an apprenticeship is for you!


Ready to Take the Next Step?


Apprenticeships are the way to go! Not sure where to start your search? We’ve got you. Use the Build California training center finder on our website, to find contact info for apprenticeship centers near you, here.


After you have found a few apprenticeship programs you are interested in, contact them directly and or send us an email at info@buildcalifornia.com and we can help you find the right fit for you!



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