So, You Want to Talk About Soft Skills in Construction…

You might think you know what it takes to be a construction worker. Maybe it’s that they know how to use a hammer, can operate a crane, or understand how to read a blueprint.


But, beyond the brains and brawn typically associated with our industry, there’s also an array of soft skills needed to truly succeed on the job site. Not only do these skills help our crews work well together, but they’re skills you’ll take with you everywhere you go! See which skills the 21st Century construction worker needs to thrive.


Time Management

Don’t let your crewmates down with poor time management. We show up on time and do our part so everyone stays on track. While we work as a team, you’ll need to independently monitor yourself to make sure you’re staying on task and on time.


Work Ethic

You’ll also need to bring a serious work ethic to the site each day. Our industry and state are built upon our ability to get down to business each time we put our hard hats on. Our pride in our projects is a direct result of the focus and stellar work ethic of each team member.


Build California


Building a state as magnificent as ours isn’t a one-person job — it takes teamwork. The saying goes that “It takes a village,” and that rings true for the construction family. It takes coordination with a range of workers — with different talents and perspectives — to come together and get things done. The construction family is nothing without teamwork.



That means communication is key. Not only does it ensure we’re working efficiently, but it ensures we’re working safely by looking out for each other. We communicate to work through challenges together but also to learn from each other along the way.


Build California



Challenges on the job site are to be expected, so a knack for problem-solving is crucial. Building some of our state’s greatest structures relies on our ability to work through roadblocks and find creative solutions together for our projects.



Our leadership depends on it. With so many moving parts and workers on any given project, we need bold leaders to take charge. But, anyone can be a leader on the job site with teamwork and communication to help your fellow crewmates.


Build California



At the heart of it all are empathy and understanding. In a diverse industry serving a diverse state, empathy and understanding for everyone on the job site creates a more harmonious work environment, which helps everyone at the end of the day.


These are just a handful of the soft skills that help our construction workers thrive. Do you have what it takes? Explore your future career in construction!




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