Women in Construction: It Just Makes Sense

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Women in Construction: It Just Makes Sense


Build California and Procore.org polled women leaders from across the construction industry. The question was simple: why should women work in construction? Here’s what they said:


1. Rewarding: In construction, you see your work come to life! “We are building complex projects with many people on insanely tight deadlines. At the end of the day, you get to step back and say ‘that’s mine. I built that.’” – Juli Riles, controller at Unger Construction


2. Natural Fit: Construction is solving problems and working in teams! Girls with these skills are vital to propelling the industry forward. “Women have an innate ability to problem-solve and multi-task at the same time. Having that skillset is vital to the success of the industry.” – Abbigail Brown, owner & president at CPM Logistics LLC


3. Variety of Careers: Construction offers so many career paths, and the ability to navigate between them throughout your career. Want to build a bridge? Balance a spreadsheet? Fly a drone? Estimate landscaping? Manage million-dollar projects? “You don’t need to be the girl that loved blocks and trucks as a child to be amazing in this industry. Construction is more than just hammering a nail. You can impact communities.” – Rosemary Nunn, partner at Musick, Peeler & Garrett LLP


4. Don’t Need a Degree: In construction, you can work your way to the top with or without a college degree! “You don’t need to go into student debt or get a traditional four-year degree to succeed in this industry. Having been brought into my company with a unique educational background myself, I have still been able to grow and have an amazing career.” – Sasha Reed, director of industry advancement at Procore


5. Diversity and Community: The earning potential and support for women in construction far exceeds other industries! Women in construction earn on average 99.1% their male counterparts, compared to 83% national averages. Organizations like Tradeswomen, Inc., NAWIC, WiOPS, and Women Building Change are helping to build an ever-growing support system for women in construction. “Women in the industry are working towards making it common knowledge that we are a vital part of the construction industry.” – Ha Le Khac, operations manager at ISEC, Inc.


This week, and all weeks, we join these leaders in celebrating the vital role that women play in this industry and encourage all women out there to explore the vast options available in a construction career.


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