Decoding the Trade: How Software Engineers Work in Construction

When we talk about software engineering, it might feel like we’re speaking a completely different language. Where do software engineers fit into construction? What do they do?


That’s why we’re here! Let’s decode this trade together.


Construction in the Modern Age

We know that some believe our industry is only traditional, or not tech-savvy.


While we certainly do take pride in the tradition of our industry and the methods we’ve mastered over the years, we’re always looking to improve upon our practices. That’s where technology comes in!


Software engineers are a pivotal part of our industry, contributing the latest advances in technology to make our projects and job sites better.


Coding = Constructing

How does a software engineer do it? With coding!


Coding is a form of computer programming where coders create programs to execute certain tasks. There are many types of “languages” in which people code — including Java, Python, and C++ — that can serve different purposes depending on the platform.


One application of coding in construction is the creation of apps to guide projects. For example, companies utilize applications designed by software engineers to manage job site workflows from crew members to materials to timelines. Or a software engineer might develop an app to digitize the blueprint process, making it possible to collaborate on one platform.


Who Should Become a Software Engineer?

When it all comes down to it, it’s simple: Time is money, and you can save a company a lot of it. It feels good to make processes more efficient, making projects smoother for everyone involved. Plus, you’ll work your brain to find creative solutions to modern problems.


This job is more than lines of code and sitting at a desk. If you like to think critically and innovate on the daily, this is the career for you. See where you can take technology and explore the software engineer trade!



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