Southern California Drywall/Lather Joint Apprenticeship And Training Committee

  • Construction (General)

    Construction (General)

  • Drywall/Lather


  • Electrician


  • Software Engineer

    Software Engineer

The Southwest Carpenters Training Fund is committed to maintaining the United Brotherhood of Carpenters’ tradition of quality craftsmanship by providing the highest quality training to those interested in a career in the various carpentry fields. This training offers a pathway to career opportunities for the next generation of carpenter, to earn a paycheck that can support a family, access to affordable health care, receive a secure and dignified retirement, and ultimately achieve the American Dream.

The Southwest Carpenters Training Fund is committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities for the United Brotherhood of Carpenters union members and to meet the training needs of its participating employers, including training certifications in the skills needed for journeyman to advance in their chosen field, as well as necessary retraining enhancements for new and emerging technologies.


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